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Dear student,

Mi gratulas vin pro via deziro lerni Esperanton!

Congratulations on your desire to learn Esperanto! 

I will be your instructor. 

It is very important that you read everything I will 
send you. You may think that it will take you some 
time to read that. Please also think how long took 
me to write it. 

If you don't read it, you will need more time to figure 
out how to do things and how to answer the exercises 
from your lessons. It will take you much longer to do 
your part, and it will take me longer to correct your 
exercises and repeat how to do things.  

Also send your lessons to me in a steady way. If there 
is too much time between lessons, you may forget 
what you have already learned. 

When I correct lessons, I erase all the exercises that 
don't need comments. 
Please keep copies of everything you send me and 
everything I send you. I keep everything in a single 
text file (.txt). I have one file for each student. 

I hope you really desire to talk in Esperanto, 
so you can do that after a few weeks.

Remember that Esperanto is easy, because it can be 
learned in a fraction of the time that will take to learn 
another language.

But Esperanto is difficult, because all languages are 
different. It will take some effort to grasp some of the
grammar concepts. There will be moments that you 
will find it difficult. Then you will have to study a little 
harder, and then ... just keep going on, even if you 
don't understand. You learn the language with practice.

Later I will send you 3 messages to read before 
starting the course. Please read the whole first 
message and about half from the second message,
up to the text concerning the lesson you are about 
to study. Then start to study and send the exercises 
to me.

1. The first message is about how to use the course.

2. The second message has help for some lessons. 

3. The third message will help you to listen to 
Esperanto. You should listen to it many times, even 
if you don't understand anything. Little by little you 
will start to understand. Listening to the language 
gets your ear used to the sound of Esperanto and 
your brain accustomed to its structure. 

4. Learn Esperanto watching a video. This is an 
amusing adventure, fun to watch. Repeat it as many 
times as you can.

Now I will be waiting for your lessons ... that I will 
try to review as soon as I see them.
 - - - 

A couple of weeks ago 2 students told me that they 
had lost all their files because either the hard disk 
or the whole computer stopped working.

To avoid that problem it is necessary to keep copies 
of all files (not only Esperanto files) outside the 

Please copy the text of this message and all 
messages that I send you and all messages you 
send me in one text file (.txt). Text files take much 
less room in your hard disk than Word files (.doc).

There are many ways to keep files.
It is better to save them everyday.
They can be saved into ...

an external hard disk
other computer  
any kind of drive or portable memory like 
Jump drive, Travel drive ...
you can burn a CD or DVD once a week

There are other ways, including some Internet sites.

Good luck! Best wishes, 

Fremont, California, USA

K0h   Primer mensaje
K1h   Como usar el curso
K2h   Ayudas para las lecciones
K0a   First message
K1a   How to use the course
K2a   Help with the lessons
G1h   3 capítulos de "Gerda Malaperis", traducción
G1hx   3 capítulos de "Gerda Malaperis", traducción, x
G1a   3 chapters from "Gerda Malaperis", translation
G1ax   3 chapters from "Gerda Malaperis", translation, x

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