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Learning languages    

Ĉi tiu paĝo estos tradukita al Esperanto.
This page will be translated to Esperanto.

    Listing some resources to learn languages ...

... starting with general tips about learning any language, and then some
resources for English, Esperanto, French, Spanish, and links to other languages.

No matter which language you are learning, even your native language, learning first the Esperanto language will save you some time and you will have a better understanding of how the other languages work.

    Twenty reasons  to learn Esperanto.   Plenty of resources.
    More resources  to learn and use Esperanto.

  1. Some resources to learn to write in English.
  2. USA English.
  3. British English.
  4. Sites to learn languages.
  5. Some resources to learn Esperanto.
  6. Some resources to learn Spanish .
  7. Some resources to learn French.
  8. Some books in German and Portuguese.

* * * * *    

1. Some resources to learn to write in English

        Created or recommended by Jennifer Frost

Explore each full-page and links in these pages. Plenty of hints.

Jennifer Frost site:   GrammarCheck.net   Plenty of hints and links.
    Grammar and spelling checker

Grammar Check   Editor   Blog   About   Contact  
6 reasons you should check your grammar before publishing  
10 most controversial essay topics of 2013  

The University of Wisconsin at Madison:
The Writing Center   Plenty of hints and links.
Writer's Handbook   Proofreading  

English Grammar .org   Plenty of hints and links.
Simple present / Present continuous  
Active and passive voice  
Adverbs with two forms  
Clauses: Prepositions before that  

Multi-Language Spell Checker   11 languages: Dansk, Deutsch, English,
Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Suomi, Svenska.

WordReference.com   A trusted online dictionary resource that converts
words from English to your native language.

OxfordDictionaries.com   A trusted dictionary resource, but also a great
place to learn to write better using puzzles and games.

Grammar guide   .pdf

Books in English   .pdf

2. USA English.

    VOA Learning English (Voice of America)

VOA Special English
VOA Learning English programs
VOA Learning English Podcasts
VOA What is Learning English?
VOA Special English Site map

Materials for Learning English.  United States Department of State

3. British English.

BBC Learning English  
BBC Speaking and listening  
BBC Learning English links  
BBC Learning Resources  

British Council   Learn English.

    And don't forget about     Esperanto

        Which will help you learn any other language.

4. Sites to learn languages.

There are many sites to learn many languages. Some of them show a basic level, and then try to sell an advanced level. You don't need to spend hundred of dollars online, or buying CDs or DVDs. Some sites are a little slow, some teach a very basic level.

To learn a language you need to know some vocabulary and some grammar. You don't need to know the whole grammar and a vast vocabulary to reach fluency. After you reach fluency you can add vocabulary and improve your grammar knowledge ... as you did with your native language ... Remember:
Most 4-year-young children, are fluent in their native languages,
any language, knowing only a small vocabulary, and without
even knowing the meaning of the word "grammar".
Some sites allow anybody to add learning material. These could be sentences or audio files. Some of these sentences could be very wrong. I heard many sound files with terrible pronunciation.

After you reach a basic level, try to listen, watch movies, read, in the new language. If you don't understand doesn't matter. Repetition helps. Don't spend too much time with dictionaries.

Fluent in 3 months   Language learning tips by Benny Lewis, the Irish Polyglot.  at Facebook

How to learn any language  

Omniglot, by Simon Ager. Language  learning tips     General tips

5. Some resources to learn Esperanto

The easiest language to learn is Esperanto. You can start using it after 20 - 40 hours of learning. Of course, you will need practice time to get some fluency. But that will be much less than with any other language.

Then, using Esperanto, you may contact people in any country of your interest. Talking with these people, it will be easier to choose your next language. These people will be very happy to help you learn their languages. Some of them will invite you to stay a few days with them, if you visit their country. Knowing Esperanto will make a little easier to learn other languages.

20 Reasons  to Learn and Use Esperanto.
    With links to thousands of books and magazines, videos, podcasts,
    songs, and many other resources to learn and use Esperanto.

Videos to learn Esperanto:
    Video-animations  (almost 3 hours)
    Video  with actors from 12 countries. (7 hours and a half)

Kurso de Esperanto  (interactive course)     Find a tutor.

Lernu.net  Many courses, books and other materials.

6. Some resources to learn Spanish

Online resources   for Spanish language learning.

50 Free Online Resources  To Learn Spanish.
60 More Free Online Resources  To Learn Spanish.

Study Spanish  Free Spanish Tutorials.

    Some books in Spanish

El Principito,  escrito por Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.  En español y francés.
Don Quijote de la Mancha   .pdf
Libros en español  
Más libros en español  

7. Some resources to learn French

The best French course is "French in Action"
You can watch the videos  (52 lessons 26 minutes each).
Many years ago I bought the books and audio cassettes from Yale University.
I recorded the videos straight from the TV set.

    Other resources for Learning French

Fourmilab  by John Walker.  Descriptions of many resources.

    Some books in French

Le Petit Prince,  by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.  Gutenberg In French and Spanish,   YouTube 41:01

    3 books written by Jules Verne:
De la Terre à la Lune  
Autour de la Lune  
Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours  

Plus de livres en français  

8. Some books in German and Portuguese.

Bücher auf Deutsch  
Livros em português  

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