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The language Esperanto ... the easiest one at learning time

Fremont (California), San Francisco Bay Area, the world.

For Esperanto speakers, learners, and users, who want to meet in Fremont, or nearby, or anywhere around the SF Bay Area. Otherwise, people around the world who would like to learn Esperanto by e-mail, or meet through Skype or any other convenient method.

You may add comments on the Facebook page.

    Meetings in Fremont and nearby:

You can receive recent information about Esperanto in Northern California, and elsewhere, by subscribing to the online Yahoo Group   esperanto-nordkalifornio.

SFERO:  San Francisco Esperanto Regional Organization
meets the first Saturday of each month at 1 PM. (Not during summer)
in the Central Office of Esperanto-USA
1500 Park Avenue, Suite 134, Emeryville, CA
(Entrance between Hubbard and Halleck, west of Hollis)

    Next meetings   2017:

    May 6,   in Oakland.  (At the house of an Esperanto speaker)
    June 3,   in Emeryville.

    No meetings during July and August. Otherwise, it would be announced here.

August 19, Paralela Universo.   Web Page   Facebook   Paralela Universo 2016
    It was created to bring the new Esperanto speakers together with
    the "veterans", so that they could speak and practice Esperanto.

    September 2   in Emeryville.
    October 7   in Emeryville.
    November 4   in Emeryville.

Esperanto at Stanford University, a  course and a conversation group
Every Tuesday  18:30 - 20:30  (6:30 - 8:30 PM),  during the Academic year.
Next meeting: April 11, 2017 (until June 13).

    What is Esperanto?

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Some of what Esperanto speakers do, at home or while traveling:
20 Reasons to learn and use Esperanto.

Thousands of books, magazines, pod casts with text, videos, songs,
in Esperanto, available on the web, no charge.

More than 400 songs in Esperanto by more than 80 groups or singers.

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Learning Esperanto

To get some fluency in spoken Esperanto should take a small fraction
of the time needed for most other languages.

Maybe the simplest, fastest course to learn the basic words needed
to get some fluency, is the "Zagreb Method".   Please start here.

On May 28, 2015, Duolingo.com published their course to learn
Esperanto for English speakers. (free of charge)
As of May 21, 2016, there were already 397,000 registered learners ...
An average of more than a 1,100 registrations every day.

Lernu.net,  For more than 10 years  Lernu.net  has been teaching
Esperanto around the world with resources in more than 30 languages.

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What is Esperanto?    

Esperanto is a planned language, published in 1887. It was planned
to be easy to learn. It is spoken in most countries around the world.

There are thousands of books written in Esperanto. About half of them are
Esperanto originals, and the rest are translations from many languages.
You can find (and read) many of them  in this page.

In the same page you will find links to thousands of pod casts,
most of them with their text, also vocabularies, videos, songs.

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Paralela Universo 2016    

The first "Paralela Universo" happened on August 20, 2016 in 25 cities, mainly in USA, but also in Canada, Mexico and Cuba.

The local version:

Started at 12:00 noon, at a restaurant in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. After lunch we walked several blocks to take a tramway (light rail), to The Museum of Craft and Design on 3rd Street at 23rd Street. Then we walked a couple of blocks to another Museum, and finished at a coffee shop across the street. Some of the participants went on to have dinner at another restaurant.   29 Esperanto speakers participated.

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