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Improving your life, using common sense
This is an attempt to improve the lives of
those who want to accept these principles

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    Protecting the consumer

Today most of the enterprises/business take advantage of the client, giving the least of services for the most of money. Some examples:


Most religion members are led to believe that their religion is the only one leading to God (salvation, paradise, eternal life, saving the planet) and all the other religions are "false prophets" leading them to their doom. How could be possible that each religion be the only good one?

More about Religions

    Some comments:

I prefer elected people from the Democratic Party, but United States politician Nancy Pelosi, whilst serving as the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, visited Taiwan on August 2, 2022. She was accompanied by a delegation of five Democratic Party members of the House. Pelosi and her coworkers did not have the right to get the whole country of China against Taiwan and against the United States.


(en) The political parties in USA:   Sixty years ago an intelligent lady that I knew, was hired by the new Department of Consumer Affairs of New York City. She was hired under Mayor Ed Koch who was a member of the Democratic Party. A few years later, a Republican Mayor took over, and she was forced to leave that position.

Soon after, she was hired by the State of NY, under a Democratic Governor. Again, when the next Governor of NY State was a Republican, she was forced to leave that position.

She was hired both times because of her skills. Her work was to protect the consumer, the common people. This was very good with the Democratic governments. The Republicans were not interested in this. They wanted to protect the businesses while they keep abusing their customers.

Today is not different. The Democrat Party is a little more fair with the common people. But this doesn't meant that they work just for the benefit of we, the people. The "Infrastructure" project goes beyond infrastructure, and has lots of "pork". This means that when they pass the law to fund the Infrastructure, they also dedicate a huge amount of money to other projects, which may, or may not, benefit us, the people. Laws have to be voted as single laws, not packages. This practice is known as "pork".

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