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Paralela Universo ... Esperanto
At Stanford University  
(Map pdf)
San Francisco Bay Area
Saturday August 17, 2019, we met at Stanford University for "Paralela Universo". We were 20 people, including a couple from Connecticut, from the NYC group, and several from the, Sacramento, California, group.

3096   Paralela Universo at Stanford University

3097   Waiting to go up the Hoover Tower

3098   Waiting to go up the Hoover Tower

3120   At the Cactus Garden

3121   Cactus

3125   Cactus

3135   The Couple from Connecticut, from the NYC group

3136   The Esperanto group "krokodilas".

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The program

The purpose of "Parallel Universe" is for those people who have been learning Esperanto, to meet Esperanto speakers. All people that know some Esperanto or are interested in Esperanto, are invited to participate. Anybody in the whole world can organize a local event, preferably on  Saturday August 17, 2019,  from noon to 6 PM.   Important Links.

      Paralela Universo was started in  2016.

For August 17, 2019, we selected Stanford University as our local venue for the San Francisco Bay Area. We will start at the Tresidder Memorial Union, within the university,   at noon.
    We will be there at 11 AM.   Parking is free on Saturdays.   (Check the signs)

    Please let me know if you are coming: Send me an email to   eenrikegmail.com
    Please write "Paralela Universo" on the subject line.

    and you can also respond to Meetup

●  Tresidder Memorial Union:

  We will start with lunch at the outdoor eating area at Tresidder Memorial Union, 1000 feet behind the Memorial Church. There you will find several places to get food, including BBQ 101; Decadence; Heirlooms Farmers Market Salads; Jamba Juice; Kikka Sushi; Panda Express; Rangoon Ruby; Starbucks; Subway; The Axe & Palm; The Coffee House (CoHo); The Treehouse.  
  Tresidder Memorial Union has many services for the students: restaurants, cafeteria, banks, post office, bike shop, FedEx, administrative offices.

  Restaurants   Directory   More than 100 pictures   More pictures  

      We will visit the following places at Stanford University in this sequence:

●  Hoover Tower
It is about 2500 feet from the Tresidder Memorial Union. This 285-foot tower furnishes an outstanding view of the Stanford Campus and houses the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace.
Adults $4.00, 65 and older $3.00. The Hoover Tower closes at 4 PM.
        Please have 4 dollar-bills with you, if you intend to visit the tower.

  Stanford site  Wikipedia   Trip Advisor   Pictures  

●  Memorial Church
It is about 1400 feet from the Hoover Tower.   Stanford Memorial Church stands at the center of the campus, and is the University's architectural crown jewel.

  Stanford site   Wikipedia   Trip Advisor   25 Pictures   More pictures  

●  Main Quadrangle
We will walk 350 feet thru the Quad to reach The Burghers of Calais.   The Main Quadrangle, or more commonly Main Quad or simply Quad, is the heart and oldest part of Stanford University in California. The collection of connected buildings was started in 1887 and completed in 1906.

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●  The Burghers of Calais
It is about 350 feet from the Memorial Church. The Burghers of Calais are a collection of six bronzed figures in the Main Quadrangle, by the main entrance to the University.   "Les Bourgeois de Calais" is one of the most famous sculptures by Auguste Rodin. It serves as a monument to the heroism of six burghers in Calais during a siege by the England in the Hundred Years’ War in 1347.

  Wikipedia   Pictures  

●  Rodin Sculpture Garden
It is about 1900 feet from the The Burghers of Calais.   Rodin: The Shock of the Modern Body.   While “The Gates of Hell” might not sound like the ideal spot for a picnic, the bronze cast of Auguste Rodin’s 20-foot masterpiece is just one of 20 renowned sculptures on display at the Cantor Arts Center’s Rodin Sculpture Garden. The center’s must-see Rodin collection — the largest outside of Paris — also includes three galleries in the museum’s left wing, which together house 170 Rodin pieces.

  Stanford site   Trip Advisor   Pictures  

●   Stanford Museum
It is next to the Rodin Garden. The Stanford Museum closes at 5 PM.   The Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University, formerly the Stanford University Museum of Art, and commonly known as the Cantor Arts Center, is a complimentary art museum on the campus of Stanford University.

  Stanford site   Wikipedia   Pictures  

●   Cactus Arizona Garden
It is about 1500 feet from the Stanford Museum.   30,000 square feet or 2,787 square meters, is a botanical garden specializing in cactus and succulents. The garden was first planted between 1880 and 1883.

  Stanford site   Wikipedia   Trip Advisor   Pictures  

●   Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden
It is about 4300 feet from the Cactus Arizona Garden. A sudden forest of traditional Papua New Guinean art works is hidden in a corner of Stanford University.   The New Guinea Sculpture Garden is located in a small, wooded grove on the Stanford campus next to a dormitory. In addition to wooden and stone artworks, the garden also features landscaping and plants.

  Atlas Obscura   Wikipedia   Trip Advisor   Pictures  

●  Stanford Bookstore
It is about 1500 feet from The Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden.
Part of the prestigious Stanford University, the Stanford Bookstore offers textbooks, novels, magazines, and a plethora of Stanford-branded sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs and school supplies. It also sells Apple computers and accessories. It is always bustling with students and is a great place to soak in the unique Stanford culture, besides shopping for academic and non-academic books. A coffee bar upstairs serves up espresso drinks and pastries.   We can buy souvenirs from the visit to Stanford University.

  Bookstore   Facebook   Pictures  

●   Then we will return to Tresidder Memorial Union for some conversation and more eating, about 1000 feet from the Bookstore.

Paralela Universo is supposed to end by 6 PM. In previous occasions, some people decided to get together for dinner. There are the mentioned places at Tresidder Union, and many restaurants in Stanford Shopping Center and in Downtown Palo Alto.

    Stanford University Map, pdf

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Paralela Universo 2016     (Top)

The first "Paralela Universo" happened on August 20, 2016 in 25 cities, mainly in USA, but also in Canada, Mexico and Cuba.

  The local version:

Started at 12:00 noon, at a restaurant in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. After lunch we walked several blocks to take a tramway (light rail), to The Museum of Craft and Design on 3rd Street at 23rd Street. Then we walked a couple of blocks to another Museum, and finished at a coffee shop across the street. Some of the participants went on to have dinner at another restaurant.   29 Esperanto speakers participated.

Esperanto at Stanford University, course and a conversation group
Every Tuesday  18:30 - 20:30  (6:30 - 8:30 PM),  during the Academic year.
No classes during summer.

More information:

    Paralela Universo main page 

    Important Links

The Google Group: The official site for organizing events.
The Telegram Group: The official chat to talk to the other events during the event itself.
The Facebook Group: The events are also listed here, and it's a good place to post pictures of your event. However, note that the Google Group is the official site for announcing local events. Each event announced in the Google Group will appear on the map.
The Map: The event locations appear here, with links to the discussion threads and the event pages.

On Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #paralelauniverso in your posts!

    Paralela Universo at Meetup

Paralela Universo at DuoLingo events

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