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                          Books (and more) in Esperanto      More than 360 links
Thousands of free books, magazines, podcasts with text, in the web. 
The main purpose of this web page is to get the student to read in Esperanto, from the very beginning, starting with the most simple text, written with reduced vocabulary, but adding words along the way. If you are just beginning, please start now with   12 Facilaj Tekstoj kaj 6 Kantoj.
    Try to listen while you read.

05. Purpose; How to use this page.
10. For beginners
15. Intermediate
20. Other books
25. Sites with plenty of books
30. Vocabularies
35. Magazines
40. Podcasts with text
45. Podcasts without text
50. To listen
55. Filmetoj (Videos) Youtube
60. Courses
65. Books for sale
70. Songs, Music
72. Games
75. Esperanto Movement
80. Sites in Esperanto
85. Esperanto groups
90. People's pages
92. To practice spoken Esperanto
95. To write in Esperanto

  *   *   *

    10. For beginners    

Easy books and readings.

  *   *   *

    15. Intermediate    

Paŝoj al Plena Posedo, by William Auld:     pdf     html
Vere aŭ fantazie,
by Claude Piron     pdf     html    
    Read and listen
  the first 5 chapters. Click "Elektu". (Lernu.net)

20 Amuzaj Dialogoj   by Albert Lienhardt.  Everyday vocabulary.

Vojaĝo en Esperanto-Lando   from Vikipedio.
    Index, Forewords, Lessons 1 and 2     (scroll down 16 pages)
    Forewords   Lesson 1   Lesson 3   Lesson 7   Lesson 22

  *   *   *

    20. Other books    

Books by Dr. Márkus Gábor, from Hungary:

The most important books that you should read are
Trans la Flava Maro  (Beyond the Yellow Sea), 2012
Ruĝa Suno kaj Verda Stelo  (A Red Sun and a Green Star), 2011
A summary of these books in English     Download the books, in Esperanto
More books by Dr. Márkus Gábor     Download the books, several languages

Other books.  

Esenco kaj estonteco de la lingvo internacia,   by D-ro L. L. Zamenhof
    pdf   from Steloj   from Mir
Esperanto vivos malgraŭ la esperantistoj,
  by Zlatko Tishljar.
    Esperanto will live despite the Esperantists.
Retoriko(Rhetoric)  by Ivo Lapenna.
    The art of speaking ...   not only in Esperanto, 346 pages.
Being Colloquial in Esperanto,   by David K. Jordan (English)
Fundamentoj de lineara algebro(1995)   by Ulrich Matthias
La Fratoj Leonkoro   by Astrid Lindgren.
Esperanto: A Language for the Global Village,
    by Sylvan Zaft,   in English, some Esperanto.
One Language for the World,  and how to achieve it, by Mario Pei,   in English.
The Phenomenon of Esperanto180 pages,   in English.
    Published by a Croatian not-Esperanto organization.

Saluton!   Esperanto Aŭtodidakte,   Kurso.

  *   *   *

    25. Sites with plenty of books    

Of the thousands of different titles, about half are Esperanto
originals, and the rest are translations from many languages.

Books  for beginners.   (Enrique)
Stories, tales.   Books for children, for younger children.   (Enrique)

Children Around the World.   Infanoj Ĉirkaŭ la Mondo.
    Books, stories and songs for children, and beginers.

Books  for children.   Wikispaces

Editorial “Sezonoj”.  Aleksander Korĵenkov, Kaliningrado, Russia.
Fragments and some whole books, original Esperanto, and translated literature from Russian, English, French, German, and 12 other languages. Also Tolkien in Esperanto.   Books   from "La Ondo de Esperanto"   (pdf, epub)

МИР ЭСПЕРАНТО.   Mir Esperanto   by Nikolaj Griŝin, Russia.   Books, lessons,
    readings, articles ... Look well, not everything is in the Russian language.
    Links at bottom of the page.     Pages in English     Pages in Esperanto  

Kunlaboro (Brazilo)    Bukboks (BookBox) en Esperanto

    Fabeloj en Esperanto, Fabeloj kun Voĉoj, Ilustritaj Fabeloj,
    Vjetnamaj Fabeloj, Kelkaj Filmetoj.

Elerno.cn, China:   Lerna kaj studa retejo.
    211 books 
  Some books in Chinese, most in Esperanto.
    Penseo   Magazine, poems; some books, some in Chinese.
    Por Memlernantoj  
    Soundfiles   3 levels. Some have text.
    Sciencaĵoj   Scienca Kaj Teknika Mondo.   (eo, cn)
    Esperanto Studies   Some Esperanto, mostly Chinese.
    More material, mainly in Chinese:   1    2    3    4    5    6   Teamo 

Bretaro:   Homepage, News   Book list
Esperanta Libraro
  Alexei Boronine,  with instant dictionary lookup
Esperanta literaturo  by Jurij Finkel.  Ĉefpaĝo 
PDFa Librejo
  Facebook, more than 550 books. Partial index.  
  Esperanta librejo by Carl and John.
I-espero.info   Books 1,   Books 2 
    More than 200 books, CDs, DVDs and much more.
Grandaj Verkojby Brendon Cardoso de Carvalho.
Don Harlow Literaturo Many books, poems, and others.
    Literaturo Poems, fiction, magazines ...    Magazines,  by Don Harlow.  
Virtuala Esperanto-Biblioteko Something more than books.
Project Gutenberg  Books in Esperanto.   Bookshelf
Books in Esperanto.
Originala Literaturo Esperanta  Many books, author's biography, book reviews.
Spiritual books  by Alfred Rehfeldt.
Many Books  http://manybooks.net  Esperanto
221 books   in Esperanto. Click the name of the book, then you may
    click on "Baixar", which means "download". (in Portuguese)
Flandra Esperanto-Ligo  Kelkaj senpagaj provlibroj.
Studio.   Books in Esperanto,   by Robert Poort.   Vikiversitato.
Eldonejo Mistera Sturno  
Books by Jack Vance.

La Esperanta Librejo   Lernado   La Edukada Servo   Jerzy Wałaszek, Poland.
Sinjoro Tadeo; Medalionoj; La faraono; La lanternisto;
Quo vadis?; Tra dezerto kaj praarbaro; and others.

Many books   Steloj   including:  La Sankta Biblio.  La Faraono (3 volumes) by B. Prus (translated by Kazimierz Bein, also known as KaBe).  Elektitaj Fabeloj, by the Grimm brothers (translated by KaBe)  Fabeloj de H. C. Andersen, 4 parts, translated by L. L. Zamenhof.  And other books.
S. T. E. B.  Scienca kaj Teknika Esperanto-Biblioteko.
Technical and Scientific Library in Esperanto.
These books and other articles allow you to learn technical
vocabulary if you want to write about these subjects.
OLE   Originala Literaturo Esperanta.   Information about thousands
of books, book reviews. Some books available to read or download.

Tekstaro de Esperanto
For scientific research on the text of many books.   (Esperanto)

Please try   this   and   this   and send me comments ...
    click "Enrique" on top of this page.

  *   *   *

    30. Vocabularies

List of the 1000 more frequent, easy words.
The words in bold are more frequently used   Word-list  

2500 Basic Esperanto Word Roots,   with translations in English.
By Edmund Grimley Evans.   This vocabulary of 2500 words is divided in
10 groups.   Group 1 has the most used words.   Groups 2 - 9 have the next
groups by frequency.   Group 10 has words which aren't in the original list.

Baza Radikaro Oficiala,   Akademio de Esperanto.
Basic Official Vocabulary, from the Esperanto Academy.

Reta Vortaro:   Esperanto   angla   hispana

Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto

  *   *   *

    35. Magazines    

Some sites have their own magazines, bulletins, publications.
Look for the word "revuo" in Sites in Esperanto.

  Magazine for beginners, with limited vocabulary. Very good to practice in order to get fluency. You can download a few issues here. They try to publish 6 issues each year. Right click to save  pdf  file:
2008-06   2007-1   2006-3   2004-6   2004-5   2004-4   2004-3   2004-2   2004-1  
On this issue last page, is the list of words used in the magazine.
List of   1000 words   used in Kontakto magazine.

ILEI:  Internacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj.
    Juna Amiko,  magazine for young beginners,  from ILEI.
 Internacia Pedagogia Revuo,  magazine for ILEI members.

Esperanto magazine.  UEA decided to give the December 2015 magazine for free, because it has articles about the current diffusion of Esperanto, including Duolingo.

  More than  2100  Issues.   Bitoteko.

More magazines ... some are no longer published.

Editorial “Sezonoj”.  Aleksander Korĵenkov, Kaliningrado, Russia.
    La Ondo de Esperanto   Radio Esperanto
    La Balta Ondo 2015   1000 articles, statistics

EventojFull archive. Eventoj was a 2-weekly international Esperanto magazine, which appeared between 1992 - 2002. The full electronic archive also has a good working search engine.   The informational task of paper Eventoj later was taken over by the e-mail newsletter Ret-Info.

Scienca Revuo.   ISAE: Internacia Scienca Asocio Esperantista. Science articles.
Mikrofone.   The magazine from China Radio International, Beijing, China.
Libera Folio.  
Le Monde Diplomatique.
  In Esperanto.

  *   *   *

    40. Podcasts with text    

Esperanta Retradio.   (Good pronunciation)
    Anton Oberndorfer has been adding a podcast a day since 2011.
    Last podcast,   with full text, and previous podcasts.
    List of more than  1000 podcasts.     Also  videos  (filmetoj).

Pola Radio
adds new 20-minute podcasts twice a week. There is no text.
    Almost at the top of this page you can select:
    Novaĵoj, Felietonoj, Sciencaj informoj.   They have sound and text,
    but you cannot download the sound files.

Luis Jorge Santos Morales   from Colombia,
    reads his own podcasts. Many of them have text.

  *   *   *

    45. Podcasts without text    

Radio Verda,   Vancouver, Canada.   Short articles with interesting subjects.
   Read a bit slowly. Very good pronunciation. RV 01-99   RV 100-202
   The podcasts 194 - 202 have their complete text.
   A total of 202 podcasts, no more will be added.

Varsovia Vento.   Facebook:     1       2     Varsovia Vento Elsendoj

Radio Esperanto,   Halina Gorecka, Aleksander Korĵenkov.
    Eldonejo Sezono, La Ondo de Esperanto, Kaliningrado, Russia.

Kern Punkto,   Eva Fitzelová kaj Johannes Mueller. Ludwigsburg, Germanio.

Radio 3ZZZ,   Melburno, Aŭstralio.   Zorgantoj.

  *   *   *

    50. To listen    
Muzaiko Retradio   is a full-time, global, current, retradio-channel
in Esperanto!  Muzaiko plays for you 24 hours a day, music,
programs, news, information, reports, and much more!

  *   *   *

    55. Filmetoj  (Videos)   Youtube    

Evildea,   By Richard Delamore, Esperanto-TV producer,   Sydney, Australia.
Evildea speaks very fast ... same in Esperanto or in (Australian) English.
Plenty of videos, maybe a new one everyday.  
By Richard Delamore, Support me.
Evildea interviews Chuck Smith.
  about Duolingo, 9 jun 2015.
Evildea interviews Veronika Poór.   UEA Director, 12 nov 2015.
Mandy Fung Intervjuas Richard Delamore.   pri Esperanto-TV.
Incubus 2  Evildea and William Shatner

Studio.   By Robert Poort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Farbskatol'.  Filmetoj (Videos) in Esperanto.

Eterne Rima TV:  (Tokio/Tokyo)  Retejo    Epizodo 01   02   03   04   05  

Full movies:

    Verda filmejo.
  Filmoj, originalaj kaj tradukoj.   Kiel uzi ĝin.

    Angoroj:   Komento   La filmo
  (59m35s)   per 6 partoj

    Esperanto, La Centjara,
  dokument-filmo pri Esperanto, 1987 (46m23s)

    La Teo Kiu Venigas Amatinon,  silenta filmo de Fábio Monteiro.   10m51s)

    Viajante Independente, Fábio Monteiro. Globeto, 

    Gerda Malaperis:  Esperanto-tv 1h44    Imagu filmoj 1h29    Youtube 1h44

    Mazi en Gondolando   kun subtitoloj. (x)   Elŝutu    
    Mazi revenas al Gondolando

    Esperanto, Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo:
 1h50    DVD2 1h55    DVD3 1h53    DVD4 1h50

  *   *   *

    60. Courses    

Listo de ofertataj Esperanto-lerniloj   Vikipedio,  Course list.

Jen Nia Mondo:   Book 1: 12 lessons basic level; Book 2: 13 lessons intermediate.
25 mp3 files, one for each lesson.  From 4 sites:     1      2      3      4   

¿Sabe Usted Esperanto?
  Book by Jorge Hess, for people that understand Spanish.
    pdf1  pdf2  pdf3    from different sites

Animations to learn Esperanto:  Mazi   (77 + 80 + 15 minutes)   Full text

Videos with people from 12 countries:   Pasporto
  (16 lessons x 28 minutes each)

Rekta metodo   de Luis Guilherme Souto Jardim, el Brazilo  (pdf)
    Nur la unua parto (el 4 partoj) estas por infanoj

Kurso de Esperanto de Aleksandra Watanuki
  with links to the courses.

Vortojn   Plej uzataj 5000 vortoj. In English

Learn 1800 sentences, about 100 subjects:   English-Esperanto
    Listen while you read.   Click "Show / Hide" to see the text.
    If you don't see all the words, go to Esperanto-English.
    English-Esperanto   Esperanto-English     
    Spanish-Esperanto   Esperanto-Spanish 

Por la telefono inteligenta:

Intense Esperanto

uTalk Esperanto,  from itunes, U$A 9.99

  *   *   *

    65. Books for sale    

In this page you will find thousands of free books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and other materials concerning Esperanto. But it is also necessary that we would buy a few of these, so the authors be willing to keep producing these materials. Here there are some sites from where you may buy:

Esperanto-USA online store,  
Emeryville, California, USA:    1     2 

Libroservo de UEA,  
Universala Esperanto-Asocio, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
    UEA very often publish a list of the materials just received for sale:
    Laste aperis.  Also in Facebook.

Flandra Esperanto-Ligo  
Antwerpen, Belgium.   Senpagaj provlibroj
    Retbutiko     To search     Brokantaĵoj,
Used books, 0.02 euros each page.

Librejo de Mondial:   New   Old 
Eldonejo Impeto   Lerniloj  

by Floréal Martorell.   Esperanto music, CD's, downloads.

Esperanto by Direct Method,   by Stano Marček,
    translated by Roy McCoy. (English)

Cafe Press,  North Carolina, USA
    Lernu     Esperanto     Esperanta     Esperantist
    Lingvo     Esprimoj     Internacia     Zamenhof
        Near the bottom of some pages the word "Zamenhof"
        is wrong spelled, and it doesn't link.

  *   *   *

    70. Songs, Music    

All free songs and music are in   Kantoj, Muziko

    More than 440 songs, by more than 90 groups or singers.

To buy music:


  *   *   *

    72. Games    

Ĉapeloj  by Klivo Lendon
Litertriso  by Klivo Lendon

Skrablo  by Clayton Smith (Argilo)
Anagramoj  by Clayton Smith (Argilo)

Joe-chess   Help

  by Espéranto Jeunes
Poker Solitaire  by Chuck Smith  (iTunes)
Ludoj  by Edukado.net
Stelo  by LaPingvino
70 games  by Miĥail Povorin
29 games to download  by Andrej Jankovskij
Games  Autodidact Project

  *   *   *

    75. Esperanto Movement    

UEA:  Universala Esperanto-Asocio, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
    English   Esperanto      Vikio de UEA

 Emeryville, California, USA

  Internacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj.  Pedagogiaj dokumentoj 
 Internacia Pedagogia Revuo,  magazine for ILEI members.
        IPR collection,  from many years but not the last years,  sample issue.
    Juna Amiko,
 magazine for young beginners,  from ILEI.
        Whole collection
  (but the last 2 years)   Ŝlosilo for Juna Amiko,
        is the vocabulary of 1000 words used in Juna Amiko, in 5 languages,
        including Esperanto and English.  It is the last item in the collection.

AMO   Aktivula Maturigo.  Gvidas   Stefan MacGill.
    Listo de seminarioj: 2014  2015 

Seula Esperanto-Kulturcentro 

Herzberg am Harz, the Esperanto Town:
    In English    more in Esperanto    Interkultura Centro 

Esperanto en Afriko
  Afrika Komisiono de UEA.

  *   *   *

    80. Sites in Esperanto     (Top)

Eventoj   Szilvási László, Budapest, Hungary.
    Ligiloj de Eventoj   al interesaj retpaĝoj,  ludoj, faka aplikado, aliaj interesaĵoj.
    ISAE: Internacia Scienca Asocio Esperantista   Scienca Revuo
    STEB: Scienca kaj teknika literaturo   Eventoj revuo, 1992-2002  
    Kalendaro de Esperanto-aranĝoj   Interesaĵoj   Ret-info

Ikso.net: Education@Internet:   English     Español     Esperanto
Konferenco pri Aplikoj de Esperanto en Scienco kaj Tekniko.
    Esperanto Elektronike Vasta DVD-o por informi pri, instrui, kaj utiligi Esperanton.
    Projektoj     Bonan Apetiton     Jokes     Blog

Lingvaj Festivaloj:
How to organize a "Language Festival"
    Discussion at Duolingo "AMA: Ask Me Anything""

Lernu net
  Vasta retejo, multege da materialo por lernantoj.
Edukado net   de Katalin Kováts.   Vasta retejo, multege da materialo por instruistoj.
    Klerigejo   Kelkaj kursoj.
Universitato de Esperanto.  Esperanto University.
Universitato Adam Mickiewicz,   Poznano, Pollando. Interlingvistikaj Studoj.

Federación Española de Esperanto,   Spanish Federation.
    Bit bulteno
 Arkivo (revuo)     Latest   Spanish and Esperanto
    Boletin   bulletin (revuo), Mostly Esperanto     Bitoteko   Search  

REU: Rusia Esperantista Unio,  
Russian Esperanto Union.
    Rego  revuo     Aktuale  revuo    

  Louis Ferd. v. Wunsch-Rolshoven, Berlin, Germany.
    Libroj por vendi   Infana literaturo  

Ampleksa Ĉina Enciklopedio  
de Ĉina Radio Internacia.

Esperanto.info:   Esperanto   English
    Multlingvaj informoj pri Esperanto.   Esperanto information in many languages.
Lingvo.info   Germany.   Multilingual web site about the languages of Europe.
Maklerejo   Frank Merla, Hanstedt, Germany.
Ĉina Radio Internacia   Beijing, China.
El Popola Ĉinio   revuo,   Beijing, China.
Vikipedio   Wikipedia in Esperanto,   more than 220,000 articles.
Esperanto Fremont   California, USA
Infanoj Ĉirkaŭ la Mondo,   Children Around the World, USA
Verduloj  Ensaluti 
Kioma horo estas?
  What time is it, around the world?  at Esperanto Fremont.

  *   *   *

    85. Esperanto groups    

More than 70 Facebook groups, plus some Facebook pages. Some of these groups have thousands of members. More groups from Youtube, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Google.

        Esperantaj Grupoj

  *   *   *

    90. People's pages     (Top)

Enrique's pages   California, USA   Homepage
José Antonio del Barrio, Spain.
E-planedo   Vidpunktoj el la esperantistaro.   Points of view.
Makis   at Verduloj.

  Mireille Grosjean, Neuchatel, Switzerland.  (eo, fr)
Chuck Smith  at Transparent Language, Berlin, Germany
Maria Nazaré Laroca  Poems, in Esperanto and Brazilian Portuguese
Steven D. Brewer  
Didi Weidmann  (gr, eo)

  *   *   *

    92. To practice spoken Esperanto     (Top)


Chatterplot   for Esperanto

Skype:   List 1  List 2 
Remush   List 3  Yahoo   List 4  Eltwish  
List 5 
Group   Skajpanoj FB   Uzantoj,  Group

  *   *   *

    95. To write in Esperanto    

To write in Esperanto using a spelling checker:   Esperantilo

Another application to write the Esperanto letters:   Tajpi    

To write in Esperanto using easy Esperanto, limited to the most frequently used
words, try:   Facililo   The most frequent words will show in green, less frequent
words in blue. Red will show less frequent or unknown words, or wrong spelling.

If you cannot write the Esperanto letters, copy them from here:

    Ĉ ĉ Ĝ ĝ Ĥ ĥ Ĵ ĵ Ŝ ŝ Ŭ ŭ       Ĉ ĉ Ĝ ĝ Ĥ ĥ Ĵ ĵ Ŝ ŝ Ŭ ŭ

  *   *   *

    05. Purpose; How to use this page    

The main purpose of this web page is to get the student to read in Esperanto (some times aloud), from the beginning, with the goal of reaching fluency as fast as possible.
And please, start USING Esperanto even before reaching a medium level.
Why should you learn Esperanto?   20 Reasons to learn and use Esperanto.

This page starts with the most simple readings from the Zagreb Method. There are about 500 word-roots in these readings:   12 Facilaj Tekstoj kaj 6 Kantoj.
    You may listen while your read.
    Read as far as possible while you understand most of it.
    Study a couple of lessons from any basic course and come back.
    Repeat until you can understand most of these readings.
    Don't use dictionaries before finishing a basic course.
    Then go on with the other easy readers.
    Don't forget the videos: Mazi   Pasporto  

Here you will find many levels for practicing Esperanto:

    Easy readers.
    Books and magazines for beginners, written with a limited vocabulary.
    Books, intermediate level.
    All kinds of books and magazines, including technical and scientific books.

    Podcasts with text, to practice reading and listening.
    Articles about plenty of subjects. Vikipedio has more than 220,500 articles.
    Muzaiko Retradio to listen to Esperanto 24 hours a day.
    Videos in Esperanto.     Songs in Esperanto.

    Web pages about the Esperanto Movement.
    Web pages in Esperanto about any subject.
    Personal pages, blogs.
    Courses in different levels, some with sound, some videos.
    Help to write in Esperanto.
When opening a page, please scroll all the way down to see what is on the page.

  *   *   *

    Enrique's  Web pages.
 Listing     Homepage:  eo  hi  an    To learn:  eo  hi  an     Kantoj 
    Updated by Enrique,   January  9,  2017